Frequently Asked Questions

Please note that pricing is subject to change without notice until your hunt/excursion deposit has been paid.

Q: What should I bring on my hunt. 

A: The most important thing is your hunting license. All hunts on Moody Ranch require a valid Texas Hunting License and proof of Hunters Ed. (if required.)  Cooler for game, gun, ammo, scent-free clothing for hog, deer, or varmint hunts, camera, insect repellant, bottled water, snacks, and a small litter bag for your trash.  

Q: What should I bring on my fishing excursion. 
A: We have provided a list of items for you to bring on your next fishing excursion with us.  

Q: How much notice do I need to give you for booking a hunt.
A: We must have at least 7 days notice, however there are exceptions at times, but as a general rule we cannot-- and will not book less than 7 days out!

Q: What do I need to do to secure a date for my hunt or fishing excursion and how do I get the internet special?
A: You must call our booking office and place a 50% deposit of the value of your hunt. We accept Visa, Master Card, Amex, and Discover. When you place your booking with us please mention that you would like the internet special rate. 

Q: Are there any other charges or fees that I need to know about?
A: If you harvest a buck we charge fees based on our point and spread system, all Doe hunts already come with a Doe Harvest Fee included. Please contact us for more information on our Buck Harvest Fees. We charge a $1000 penalty for shooting a nubbin buck or spike if you choose to hunt without a guide. If you shoot a buck without a guide present you will be charged a $1000 penalty plus harvest fees. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Q: I booked a date but, something came up and I cannot come. What happens now?
A: Depending on when you call MRO to advise that you know you cannot come will depend on what happens. As our policy clearly states, any changes less than 7 days out will incur a $100 per person change fee or the loss of your deposit. If you do not show up on the day of your hunt you will be charged for the entire amount of the hunt. If you cannot come and give us 7 days notice you may rebook for another date within the general current season for no additional fee. If you cannot come before your season ends for your hunt you lose your deposit or you may ask to see if your deposit can be placed towards another hunt or excursion for the current hunting or fishing season. 

Q: Can alcohol be consumed on the property?
A: Yes, you may bring your own alcohol, however it may only be consumed at the lodge. We only allow beer or wine. Hard liquor is not allowed unless you are a credit member or a guest of a credit member. NO Exceptions! We do not sell alcohol. If you choose to consume alcohol you will be held responsible for your actions. Please be responsible and remember you are here to hunt or fish and that others are here to do the same. 

Q: Can I bring my own 4-wheeler or boat?
A: No. Due to liability reasons we do not allow 4-wheelers, ATV’s or personal watercraft on the ranch. No exceptions!

Can I bring my own dog for my Waterfowl or Upland Fowl Hunt?
A: No, our dogs are all master level dogs and are familiar with our water and field hazards. Exception to this rule is Credit Member Hunts. All guests may bring retriever dogs for Dove Hunts if you wish. However, they must get along with other dogs and while at the Lodge Complex they must be on a leash or in your kennel. NO DOGS MAY RUN LOOSE! If you meet the criteria for bring your own dog you must give 7 days’ notice and place full deposit on kennel for your dog. We have kennels for $10 per day. We do not supply food however you may use our water. We ask you clean your kennel of all manure before departure. All dogs at the lodge complex while on leash must use designated area for Airing or otherwise clean up immediately after your dog. No animals are allowed inside of buildings or screened porch!

Q: Do you offer the sale of Hunting Licenses or Duck Stamps?
A: No we do not offer the sale of Hunting Licenses or Duck Stamps however you may go online to purchase these items. If you arrive without these items you will not be allowed to go into the field with a gun. 
Follow this link for more information: 

Q: What are the youth hunter & fishing age limits and do you offer youth discounts?
A: Youth must be at least 12 or older to hunt (17 years and older for Night Vision Hog Hunts) and at least 8 or older to fish. (All youth fisherman under the age of 12 must have a life jacket brought with them to wear on at all times.) No, our prices are already discounted however, this year we are offering for non-guided doe hunts the opportunity for a parent or guardian to sit in stand at no charge while youth is hunting. Note that non-guided hunts must have an adult in the stand with the youth at all times.

Q: When is youth season?
A: Youth season refers to youth deer hunting and usually occurs the weekend before general season opens. Please visit Texas Dept of Parks and Wildlife for more information on dates. These dates are generally updated around August 1st of each year.

Q: What are Credit Memberships?
A: Credit Memberships are pre-paid membership plans where you can use your credits towards hunting, fishing, lodging, meals, special events, and pro-shop items. For more information on Corporate please contact Michael at the office.

Can we add meals to our hunt?
A: Yes, if done so at time of booking or with a seven day advance notice. Please contact us for menu.

Q: Do you allow a non-hunting observer with me on my hunt/excursion at no charge?
A: No. You can however purchase a $50.00 non-hunting observer spot for your companion if space is available. Youth Doe or Hog Hunts must have an adult with youth at all times in stand. This year as a Youth Hunt Special we are not charging for adults to sit with youth as long as adult does not hunt.

Q: Do you allow hand guns?
A: No hand guns (pistols) are allowed on the ranch at any time!

Q: Do I need a hunting license to hunt hogs?
A: Yes, any fur bearing animal that you harvest in Texas requires that you have a valid Texas Hunting License.

Q: Do I need a fishing license to fish your lakes?
A: No, at this time Texas does not require a fishing license to fish private waters.

Q: What if I forget my hunting license?
A: We do not allow you to take your gun out if you have forgotten to bring your license. You can still go as a non-hunting observer or purchase a new license. Please bring your hunting license! 

Q: What bird stamps do I need to purchase for Youth Hunters if we are duck hunting?
A: Fed. Duck Stamps must be purchased if they are 16 or older. State Migratory Stamps need to be purchased along with their basic license if they are 17 or older.

Q: I do not have any fishing equipment. Do you rent rods and tackle?
A: Yes we do rent rods and tackle for $8.00 per man. We have carry both bait cast and spinning reels.

Q: You have internet access?
A: Yes we have a computer with internet access in the Main Hall available for your use and wireless internet access for your laptop available at no additional charge.

Q: My company would like to use your facilities for a Corporate Retreat. What are the best times to have an event at the lodge.
A: Yes, we can accommodate your needs if you are needing a Corporate Retreat. With the new building we are able to have the ability to host multimedia presentations in a comfortable environment along with accommodating 20-22 people with sleeping arrangements. The only time that is really difficult to book the lodge for a multi day stay is during Hunting Season, however it is not impossible. Please contact our booking office to determine availably. We do have a projection screen available for rent for your gathering. Rental of our screen is available for multimedia presentations.

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