River is up and fish are on!


Our area this week had over 5 inches of rain in one day and with that came torents of water along and into the Navasota River Complex.  Being situated on the Navasota River along with Gibbons Creek, Rocky Creek, Sand Creek, and Heifer Creek meant that we saw the river get out of its banks as well as the creeks mentioned earlier.  You could actually hear the water rushing over County Road 190 from the upstream release from Gibbons Creek Reservoir.   Once it started to recede we got word from one of our guides that they were going to run some lines in the river to see what they could catch.  

This is the result from this weekend!  If you are interested and want to try this type of adventure.  Give Moody Ranch Outfitters a call and ask about our Spring Gator Hunts where you can hunt for Gators, Gator Gar, Run lines for Catfish, and Hog Hunt over the course of two full days!  


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