SPRING Bass and Gator Hunts

Spring has sprung and Bass fishing has taken off!  The lakes are teaming with fish ready for you to catch!  Last week we had a family come and catch over 38 fish and this weekend we had two guys come and land 42 fish in the boat!  Are you ready to get your hook wet?  

Gator Season is almost here.  Season Dates are April 1 - May 31st for us.  Already have some dates that are already booked.  Call today to find out open dates and details.  Here are the hunt details for this fun hunt! 

$535 per day per person. Two day minimum. (2 man - 3 man max)

If gator is shot with rifle the harvest fee will be $500 one gator up to 9 feet in length, $50 for every 6 inches rounded up to nearest 6 inch mark.  Skinning and Cleaning is $150

Below is the typical hunt schedule for Gator Hunts:

Day One:

Afternoon arrival 2 pm

Lodge Check In

Depart to set Lines for Gators and Catfish (5 lines per man for catfish)


Check Lines

Day Two:


Depart to Check lines


Continue checking lines


Check lines

Day Three:


Check and pick up lines

Depart at Noon

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