Hog Hunts

Season Dates Stand Hog Hunts:  October 14, 2017 - April 30, 2018
Night Vision Hog Hunts:  October 15 - May 27, 2018

Come join us for a Hog Hunt here at Moody Ranch Outfitters. Below are our Hog Hunts with brief descriptions about each of them.  Our ranch is low fenced and there are no guarantees or refunds if you do not shoot a hog.  

General Hunting Regulations in Texas • Texas Hunting License Information

Stand Hog Hunts ::Most Popular Hunt!::  NOW BOOKING FOR SPRING of 2018!  
Stand hog hunts are non-guided gun or bow hunt in a stand near feeders beginning before daylight , then continuing your hunt during daylight hours all day and ending your hunt after dark again . Some stands might have lights near the feeders.  There is also a $30 rental of a tactical light that fits right onto your gun scope with a rubber clamp.  When you rent a tactical light you can stay up to 10 PM in a stand.  The $30 rental is for the duration of your stay. You can also bring your own light!  Right now we are offering a Stand Hog Hunt Special.  Single hunter’s rates are surcharged.

Rifle or Bow Night Time Stand Hog Hunt* Regularly $305.00  
Internet Spring Special: $241.50** per person ($230.00 cash discount price) - Unlimited Hogs* 
(min. of 2 hunters - max. of 4) 

**reflects the credit card convenience price of the fall special. For a greater discount you may choose to pay with electronic funds transfer to get the cash discount price.  All Payments and deposits are non-refundable.

*  Cleaning of hogs includes skinning, cleaning, quartering, and placing into your container.  MRO will provide ice for your coolers.  If you would like to have your additional hogs cleaned it is a $50 per animal.  If you are wanting a cleaner please advise at the time of booking.

Night Vision Hog Hunt  NOW BOOKING FOR FALL OF 2017!
This Hog Hunt is a guided hunt using third generation Night Vision and Thermal Equipment.  Note that a gun and ammo will be provided by guide. This hunt is five hours max in length or until limit is reached beginning after dark. This hunt comes with unlimited meat hogs and the opportunity to all varmints and one of the following: bobcat, fox, or ringtail cat. Your first hog is cleaned for free! Additional hogs can be cleaned for $50 each. Please see below for details. Please note that booking dates depend on moon phase.  Please note that booking dates depend on moon phase. Please note all Night Vision hunters and guest must be 16 years or older.  Physical activity is required for this hunt and the hunter must be able to climb in and out of jeeps or RTV’s  throughout the course of this hunt.

Regularly $1000 Internet Special: $892.50** per person (group of 3) - ($850.00 cash discount price) - Unlimited Hogs!

One Fox or One Bob Cat maybe taken during your hunt for the following fees:.

Fox: $100.00
Bob Cat: $350.00

**reflects the credit card convenience price of the fall special.  All Payments and deposits are non-refundable.

Alcohol Policy:  We do not allow alcohol out in the field.  You must leave your alcoholic beverages at the lodge while in the field.  You are welcome to drink responsibly at the lodge upon your return from the field.

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