MRO Booking Policy

  • MRO requires a credit card number to make reservation.
  • You have 10 days from the date of receiving the invoice or 7 days from your hunt date, whichever one comes first to pay your deposit.  If we have not received your deposit check or electronic online payment your credit card you have left on file will be charged for the deposit amount plus a 5% service charge. 

  • You can choose to pay online for free by using the link on your invoice and in your email.  If you use the pay online feature you are not charged the credit rate, you are charged the cash rate.  You will use your banking information to send a transfer of funds to our bank.  This feature is hosted by the makers of Quickbooks and Turbo Tax, Intuit Inc.  We receive funds just like a credit card in our account but you get to save the stamp and hassle of sending a check or the 5% service charge you would incur for using a credit card.  

  • You have up to seven days prior to arrival to change your reservation without penalty–other wise you are subject to a $100 change fee ($50 for members) per person applied to your invoice. 

  • If you do not show up the day of your hunt your card will be charged for the entire hunt not just the 50% deposit. 

  • Unused credit is only available until May 15th, 2017!  Your deposit or payment towards a hunt is non-refundable!


  • MRO reserves the right to cancel any hunt for any reason.

  • Hunters must be at least 12 or older (17 or older for NV HuntI
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