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Bird and Game Report for September 2022

Updated 9/16/22 8:30 am

We have recently had 10+ inches of rain at the ranch back in late August and early September.  Conditions before the extensive rain were looking promising.  We had food sources that were drying up and releasing their seed on the bare dry ground which are optimal conditions for Dove hunts.  After the rain there has been a resurgence in plant growth making the food sources harder to find and plants have tended to hold on to their seed more due to the moisture.  During some of the earlier hunts birds were still roosting in the trees during the day and were only in pairs or sets of pairs. 


We have chosen to not have any Dove hunts this week due to the current conditions but we are hopeful as a mild cold front came through earlier this week and we started seeing more dove in the area and the ground is drying out as well which are encouraging for upcoming hunts.  Bookings for Sept 23-24 are still standing as well as the Oct 1st dates, but we are not adding any more hunts to these days at this time until we see better numbers. 


If you have a booked hunt and have questions please text us and Michael will respond as soon as possible.


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For more information about your hunt please contact our office to speak with Michael or JD

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