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Your Upcoming Excursion is still on!


Currently the fish are hitting on small weighted Texas rig or weightless worms with a slow weed less presentation is best. Color seems to vary. Black and blue/ blue flake should be the color for this time of year. Motor oil and tomato red flake has about the same effect. They are changing patterns frequently right now because they are biting out of protecting beds and competitiveness. Black lizards with blue or chartreuse tails have always been good on sunny days as well. The guide recently caught just a couple on top with a frog so if you are a die hard top water fishermen it’s an option but not very productive.  Chatter baits have also become successful that are yellow or white as well.  Mid-Range Divers are also good in certain lakes and frogs are always good for top water action fishing.

****The person that booked this hunt needs to text or call the Booking Office at 936-825-2119 at least three days prior to your arrival to determine possible weather related issues and confirm your arrival time and to send the names of the guests in your group if you haven't already done so.****

  • Please note arrival times above for your group.

  • You do not need a fishing license to fish on Moody Ranch.

  • Please park on the left side of circle drive in the guest parking area.

  • You will be following guide out in your vehicle to lakeside so you will need to drive a truck or SUV that can handle off road conditions.

  • All guests will need to have filled out their waiver online using the links below noting that if you are planning to hunt with us this season please also put your hunting license in the hunting license section otherwise just write FISHING in that section instead to override that field.  This is only need once a season between Sept - May for each guest.

  • Please text list of hunters in your group to 936-825-2119 so we can confirm waivers.

  • NO ALCOHOL IN THE FIELD.  Leave all coolers with Alcohol under the pavilion at the lodge.  We will take a small cooler with water for your excursion.

  • Any participant under the age of 12 will need to bring their own flotation device. 

  • Boats do not have seats. If you would like to sit during your excursion we encourage you to bring 1 or 2 small ball park chairs to place on deck.

  • Please bring your own fishing rods, tackle, sunscreen, insect repellent, etc. Recommended baits are listed in paragraph above.

  • Bring a rain jacket in case there is a chance of rain in the forecast while you are here.  If it begins to storm with lighting we will end the excursion for safety reasons.

  • Gratuities and fishing cleaning are not included on your invoice unless you wish to add them.  Most fisherman prefer to tip their guides personally at the end of their excursion.  Guide tips usually start around $40- $50 per person and go up from there.  If you have additional questions please contact our office.

Adult Waivers 18 years or older:


Youth Waivers 17 year or younger:


Sunrise Finder:




PLEASE FILL OUT YOUR WAIVERS BEFORE ARRIVING VIA THE LINK(S) ABOVE.  If you have a guest that is 17 years old or younger please click the Youth Waiver Link as well which must be filled out by parent or guardian. 

For more information about your hunt please contact our office to speak with Michael or JD

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