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Bee Services / Removal

**UPDATE  Due to overwhelming requests we are no longer accepting any new bee removal requests at this time.  Please go the TAIS website to find a qualified bee keeper in your county.  If you have a commercial or municipal bee removal need please call us at the number below to be placed on the commercial removal schedule. **

Do you have a bee problem? Call us today for our Bee Removal Services. We use the latest in technology to minimize your recovery time, use organic products in the removal process, and the best part a free estimate with in a 50 miles radius of Grimes County so you know what your estimated costs would be.  


During the spring and summer months, a bee colony will often divide and split into two colonies.  When this happens one half leaves the existing hive in search of a new home which is commonly called “swarming.”  Often you find clumps or balls of bees clinging to a tree limb or structure waiting for the right place to set up a house.  Unfortunately for some homeowners, bees find their way into a home and set up their new colony.  We often find that cracks around electrical boxes, electrical meters, and where A/C connections run into homes become great places for bees to find their way inside of your structure.  They also like to populate underneath homes and buildings, exterior walls, and sometimes ceilings as well.  


It's very important that you DO NOT SPRAY THEM WITH POISON!  This only drives bees further into your structure and creates a bigger problem in retrieving them.   If you have a swarm or a bee problem please call us and let us come take a look at your situation!


Bees are beneficial members of nature because they pollinate 1/3 of our food crops, native plants, and flowers in addition to providing us honey, but they can also be dangerous if you are allergic to them. In recent years land development for housing and commercial use has taken away the natural habitat for bees, which leaves man and bee competing for the same real estate.

Bee removal can be dangerous and difficult and it is best to leave it to the professionals. We do not kill bees rather we relocate these beneficial members of nature to our ranch in Grimes County where they can continue their important work. The bee removal team at MRO Bee Removal has years of experience working with bees, is permitted by the Texas Apiary Inspection Service, and is Insured for Bee Removals.  

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Call today at 936-825-2119 Press the option for Bee Removal to speak with JD about your removal needs. Serving the Central and Gulf Coast Counties of Grimes, Brazos, Madison, Milam, Robertson, Leon, Houston, Trinity, Montgomery, Walker, Harris, Brazoria, Galveston, Matagorda, Wharton, Colorado, Austin, Washington, Waller, Burlison, Ft. Bend, Fayette.

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