Deer Hunts

Moody Ranch Outfitters may offer both Buck Hunts and Doe Hunts this Season depending on the tag inventory.  Currently, all Doe and Buck tags are wait-list only at this time. The prices on buck hunts below do not include harvest fees, but the doe hunts do include a harvest fee for doe.


Our Buck Harvest Fees are based on a point and spread system but for the Fall of 2022, we are doing a straight $2,500 special for mature whitetail bucks.  Please see details below for more deposit details. 


Moody Ranch Outfitters is an MLDP program and therefore you will shoot with our tags, which means you will need to have a valid Texas Hunting License and have fulfilled the Hunter’s Education requirement but, you will not use a tag from your license.  Note that drawing blood is considered a valid Harvest and you will be responsible for paying.  If you shoot an immature buck we will charge an additional fee.  Full Metal Jacket Ammo is not allowed on Game Hunts.

Moody Ranch Buck Hunts

Buck Hunts - $2,500  (WAIT LIST)

Text or call for Cull Buck Pricing and details

Hunt Dates: October - February   (October dates are bow only)

Fall Internet Buck Special $296.00 per day

** ($285.00 per day cash discount price)

  Text or Email to be placed on the wait list. 
Must buy a minimum of two days which covers your driver fee and lodging and meals.   Guide fees are $125 per day.  


Buck Fall Harvest Fee Special (Buck Tag) is $2600.00 for any buck** ($2500.00 cash discount price).

If you don't harvest all you pay is the $285 per day rate to cover guide fees and lodging & meals plus the $200 Tag & Habitat fee.  If you harvest the $200 tag fee will be included in the $2500 Harvest Fee

Your $285 (x2 days) $570+$200 Tag & Habitat Fee is paid upfront as your deposit (two-night minimum).  Once you harvest the $200 tag fee is applied towards your harvest fee.  If you do not harvest MRO retains the $200 tag fee and deposit.

An Example Grand Total of a Buck Hunt would be $570+$200+$2300=$3070.00

An Example Grand Total of a Buck Hunt with no harvest would be $570+$200=$720

*Note guide fees are by the day whether it is a 1/2 or full day.

Management Doe Hunt - $402.50  (WAIT LIST)

Text or Email to be placed on the wait list. 

Hunt Dates: October  - December 
Internet Special: $372.75** per gun (includes harvest fee). ($355.00 cash discount price) Call to be placed on the wait list.

Doe Hunts are three 1/2 days (one full day and either afternoon before or the morning after.)  Please note doe hunts are not guided. If you shoot a nubbin buck you will be charged a $2000 ranch rule fee plus admin. fees if using a card.

Please note that youth must be at least 12 or older to shoot on our ranch, otherwise they may be a non-hunting observer for $50.00.