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Hog Hunts

Come join us for a Hog Hunt here at Moody Ranch Outfitters. Below are our Hog Hunts with brief descriptions of each of them.  Our ranch is low fenced and there are no guarantees or refunds if you do not shoot a hog.  Texas no longer requires a hunting license to shoot hogs on private property but you must still fill the requirements of Hunters Education. We do not allow Full Metal Jacket Ammo to be used on game hunts.

Season Dates: October 15 - May 15

Stand Hog Hunts - Most Popular Hunt! 
Stand hog hunts are non-guided gun or bow hunt in a stand near feeders beginning before daylight, then continuing your hunt during daylight hours all day and ending your hunt after dark again.  Single hunter’s rates are surcharged as a minimum of two hunters.  Cleaning of hogs is $100 per animal and Caping for taxidermy mount is $200.


Stand Hog Hunt  $305.00 

Internet Fall Special: $260** per person
($250.00 cash discount price) - Unlimited Hogs* 

(min. of 2 hunters - max. of 6) 

**reflects the credit card convenience price of the fall special. For a greater discount, you may choose to pay with an electronic funds transfer to get the cash discount price.  All payments and deposits are non-refundable.

Moody Ranch Hog Hunts

Night Thermal Hog Hunt  NOW BOOKING FOR SPRING OF 2023  See form below for dates!

This Hog Hunt is a guided hunt using the latest Thermal Equipment offered with three different options: THREE DAY, TWO DAY, or ONE DAY HUNTS with lodging and meals.  Guns and ammo will be provided by the guide for the Thermal Hunts.  If you are stand hog hunting in the 3 Day hunt or add on a stand hog hunt on the 2 or 1 day hunt you will need to bring your own gun and ammo.. This hunt is four hours max in length or until the limit is reached beginning after dark.

This hunt comes with unlimited meat hogs.   Hogs can be cleaned for $100 each or caping for mounting is $200. Booking dates are specific and are listed below on the availability calendar. Please note all Night Vision hunters and guests must be 16 years or older.  Physical activity is required for this hunt and the hunter must be able to climb in and out of jeeps or RTV’s throughout the duration of these hunts. 

Check out the availability calendar

THREE DAY HUNTS: includes three nights of lodging, meals, two thermal hunts, and one stand hog hunt

**Internet Special Rate: $1800.00 plus $29.95 in hotel tax
(Cash Discount $1,730 per Gun plus $28.80 in hotel tax)

TWO DAY HUNTS: includes two nights of lodging, meals, and two thermal hunts.

**$1,372 per Gun plus $19.97 in hotel tax

(Cash Discount $1,320 per Gun plus $19.20 in hotel tax)

ONE DAY HUNTS: includes one night of lodging, meals, and one thermal hunt.

**$686 per Gun  (plus $9.98 in hotel tax)

(Cash Discount $660 per Gun plus $9.60 in hotel tax)

All hunts must be a group of either 2-3 in size.  Unlimited Hogs!

Fox or Bob Cat may be taken during your hunt for the following fees:

Fox: $200.00
Bob Cat: $350.00

Also have add-ons:

Extra Stand Hog Hunt $250

1/2 Day Bass Fishing $220

Gator Hook Set per day $250 plus $650 harvest fee if harvested.

Ask us for details on how to add on these items.  Please note all add-ons require at least two participants


**reflects the credit card convenience price of the fall special.  All payments and deposits are non-refundable.

Book My Thermal Hunt

We will require a 50% Deposit to book.


Thanks for registering! We will text you shortly.

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