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It's the last week of Duck Season and we wanted to say thank you for hunting with us this season! 
We will have membership renewal information ready mid February!

Please be prepared to have your waders on and be in water.

  • Please text list of hunters in your group to 936-825-2119 so we can confirm waivers.

  • If you are lodging the night before your hunt please arrive after 5 pm.

  • If you are arriving the morning of your hunt you need to be here no later than 5:45 am. (Gate will open at 5:20 am)

  • Hunters should be leaving lodge between 6:00 - 6:15 am in general for field this week. We encourage you to get your waders on and be ready to go under the pavilion by 6:00 am.

  • Please park on the left side of circle drive in the guest parking area.

  • All guests will need to have filled out their waiver online using the links below and have their new hunting license with them. Details below.

  • Please bring your hunting license number to outside bar and fill out your transportation tag upon arrival.

  • NO ALCOHOL IN THE FIELD.  Leave all coolers with Alcohol under the pavilion at the lodge.

  • If you are lodging the night before Dinner is served at 7:30 pm. The Main Hall and the Bar closes at 11 PM so that guests are not disturbed that are staying in the main hall bedroom.  Please be respectful of this rule.  You may take your beverages outside under pavilion if you wish to hang out later than 11 pm.

  • Waders will be required. There is coffee in the mess hall before your hunt and we will have breakfast for you after your hunt while your guide cleans your ducks.

  • Lodge Check Out is at 11 am.  We ask all members to please vacate all buildings no later than 11:30 so our staff can begin cleaning the bedrooms and common areas for the next group coming in.  You are welcome to stay in the outside areas until your departure.


Adult Waivers 18 years or older:


Youth Waivers 17 year or younger:


Sunrise Finder:




PLEASE FILL OUT YOUR WAIVERS BEFORE ARRIVING VIA THE LINK(S) ABOVE.  If you have a guest that is 17 years old or younger please click the Youth Waiver Link as well which must be filled out by parent or guardian.  Please remember you must have a valid Texas Hunting License with you at all times while hunting with the exception of hogs or fishing.  When filling out your waiver online type N/A in the hunting license box if you are a non hunting observer, hunting hogs only, or bass fishing. 

For more information about your hunt please contact our office to speak with Michael or JD

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