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Friday Shooting Times: 6:41 am - 7:22 pm

Saturday Shooting Times: 6:42 am - 7:21pm

  • Please submit the names of the guests in your group so we can confirm waivers via the Check In With Us Form below along with your invoice number.

  • If you are lodging the night before your hunt please arrive after 6 pm.

  • If you are arriving the morning of your hunt you need to be here no later than 5:45 am and check in at the wooden bar under the pavilion. (Gate will open at 5:15 am)

  • Hunters should be leaving lodge at 6 am for field this week. 

  • Please park on the left side of circle drive in the guest parking area.

  • All guests will need to have filled out their waiver online using the links below and will have to have proof of hunters safety and Texas Hunting License with you in the field.  Please get your hunting license purchased before filling out your waiver.

  • NO ALCOHOL IN THE FIELD.  Leave all coolers with Alcohol under the pavilion at the lodge.

  • LUNCH:  There are several great places to eat locally if you are wanting to leave for lunch.  Below are some of the local favorites that are open this time of year.  Most of these are located 15-20 minutes down the road.  You can also visit College Station for a greater selection of restaurants.

    • Juan & Lindas - Great Mexican Food Located in Anderson nearby

    • Kotts Cafe - Famous Burger Place that is also know for their homemade pies

    • Yankee's Tavern - Well know biker bar/restaurant that has a good lunch menu with great food

    • Subway - located in Anderson.  This location is always clean and has fresh sandwiches that you order online ahead if desired.

    • Downtown Navasota has multiple options if you are not local and want to visit and walk around for a few hours in a nearby town.

  • Dove will not be flying during the heat of the day so after your morning hunt please text or stop by the lodge before departing for lunch.  We suggest you return around 2:30 in the afternoon to the lodge to see if the hunting location is changing.  Upon departing for the evening we ask the person who booked the hunt to stop by or text to verify your group has left the ranch so you do not get locked in.  Gates will be locked 15 minutes past shooting time which is sunset.  Please check the Sun Rise Finder link below to confirm that time if you forget.

  • Dove Hunt Info: We encourage you to wear camo, bring a seat/stool, insect repellent, sunscreen, good outdoor hiking or tennis shoes, zip lock bags for your birds, and an ice chest with water or non alcoholic drinks.  We ask you to canvas your shells and pick up your trash.

  • We do not require hunter orange.

  • Retrieving Dogs are allowed on your hunts.  No dogs are allowed in buildings.  Dogs are allowed under pavilion but MUST BE ON A LEASH AT ALL TIMES!  Please air your dogs around the pond area to keep our yard clean of poop.  There is a water bowl for them to drink from next to pavilion.

  • Access to Main Hall and bar area is not allowed unless you are a guest that is lodging overnight, but you can sit and relax under the pavilion or sit in the mess hall area before or while waiting to depart for your hunt. 

  • All hunters 15 years and younger will have to have an adult sit with them.

Adult Waivers 18 years or older:


Youth Waivers 12 - 17 years or younger:


Sunrise Finder:




PLEASE FILL OUT YOUR WAIVERS BEFORE ARRIVING VIA THE LINK(S) ABOVE.  If you have a guest that is 17 years old or younger please click the Youth Waiver Link as well which must be filled out by parent or guardian.  All participants must be 12 or older to hunt with the exception of Thermal Hog and Gator hunts where the minimum age is 16.  We do not allow non hunting observers on hunts.  Fishing participants must be at least 8 years old or older and must wear a life preserver that fits them at all times they are on the water.  We do not provide youth life preservers as there are many sizes and it is your responsibility to bring one that fits your youth. Please remember you must have a valid Texas Hunting License with you at all times while hunting with the exception of hogs or fishing.  When filling out your waiver online type N/A in the hunting license box if you are a hunting hogs only or bass fishing as they do not require a license on Moody Ranch.

For more information about your hunt please contact our office to speak with Michael or JD



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